AIMP 3.6x


AIMP v3.60 Build 1479 (06.02.2015)

Playlist: uniform playback of groups in shuffle mode is switched off

Playlist: performance of the quick search has been improved size of offline cache have been increased to 1000 of tracks scrobbling occurs at the expiration of 4 minutes, if the specified of percents of track duration is greater than this value

Fixed: Sound Engine - BASS - unable to play internet-radio under Windows 10

Fixed: Sound Engine - meta-data parses incorrectly in some cases when playing the internet radio

Fixed: Sound Engine - the application hangs if click pause and quickly close the program

Fixed: playlist - player starts playback of other playlist after closing the playing, even if the "on end of playlist" option is set to the "stand by" value

Fixed: Tag Editor - the "File Location" command works incorrectly with URL

Fixed: Tag Editor - the "Information" tab is missing for the virtual files

Fixed: Tag Editor - search the album art in Google / Yandex - query parameters are not escaped

Fixed: Skin Engine - bugs with positioning of windows after change the screen resolution

Fixed: Skin Engine - bugs with positioning of windows after restore it from minimized state, if skin has been changed before restore

Fixed: Skin Engine - click on the album art display opens the miniature copy of image instead of original

Fixed: Skin Engine - small bugs were fixed

Fixed: Plugins - - an error occurs in some cases when trying to love / unlove the track

Fixed: Plugins - - album arts search does not work if track does not have information about the album

Fixed: Plugins - - album arts that displays in player and in the "Information about track" dialog of plugin are different

Fixed: Plugins - - scrobbler message was sent before the end of track

Fixed: Plugins - Simple Scheduler - alarm clock cannot play playlists that does not loaded into player

Small bugs and defects were fixed

AIMP v3.60 Build 1470 (16.01.2015)

Fixed: Common - CUE parser does not understand commands in lower case

Fixed: Common - player does not determine audio tracks in the CD-Extra disk if playback has been started from autorun menu

Fixed: Common - interface hangs at some time when closing the Option Dialog with active "Skins" sheet

Fixed: Audio Converter - an error occurs when trying to export to MP3 format with following settings: Stereo, VBR.

Fixed: Sound Engine - playback position calculates incorrectly for set

Fixed: Playlist - the "Default.aimppl" file is moved to the Recycle bin after each close of the application, if the "save default playlist" option is switched off

Fixed: Tag Editor - auto completion does not work for the "Genre" field

Fixed: Tag Editor - an ability of removing / applying changes to the selected tag types does not work

Fixed: Skin Engine - an error in playlist that leads to hide the element

Fixed: Skin Engine - position of main window is changed when restore it from mini-player if task bar is placed at top edge of screen

Fixed: Audio Library - playback in the audio library does not affects to the playback statistics

Fixed: Audio Library - files cannot be added to the DB via drag-n-drop operation in some cases

Fixed: Plugins - - some tracks scrobbles two or more times

Small bugs and defects were fixed

AIMP v3.60 Build 1465 (29.12.2014)

Fixed: Sound Engine - some resampling artifacts can be heard when playing tracker music

Fixed: Sound Engine - wrong playback position is displaying in skin elements after restart the application if it was paused before restart

Fixed: Playlist - order of the groups is inverted after moving it via drag-n-drop if groups are collapsed

Fixed: Skin Engine - parser fails on some correct expressions

Small bugs and defects were fixed

AIMP v3.60 Build 1460 RC 4 (22.12.2014)

Playlists Manager: speed of files loading for preview has been increased

Fixed: Sound Engine - application hangs during cyclic playback of very short files

Fixed: common - an error occurs if try to select items via mouse in an empty table

Fixed: Common - an error occurs when closing the application on Windows XP

Fixed: Plugins - audio library plugin cannot be loaded by player

Small bugs and defects were fixed

AIMP v3.60 Build 1457 RC 4 (19.12.2014)

BASS_MIDI: added support for sound fonts in SFZ format

Skin Engine: mechanism for control the windows position during changing screen resolution has been improved

Fixed: common - an memory leaks occurs when adding tracker music to playlist

Fixed: Tag Editor parses genre field from M4A incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: Playlist - an exception occurs when trying to start playing file from external application in AIMP, if shuffle mode is switched on

Fixed: Playlist - tags does not read for files after import external playlist in format that different from AIMPPL

Fixed: Plugins - API - the %IN macro does not work

Fixed: Plugins - Compact Disk Audio - the disk name does not updates in drives sub menu

Fixed: Plugins - information bar - parameters are not initialized in settings frame if plugin was loaded via plugin manager

Fixed: Plugins - information bar - an error occurs after closing the Options Dialog window, if preview is active

Small bugs and defects were fixed

AIMP v3.60 Build 1453 RC 3 (10.12.2014)

Fixed: Sound Engine - slow buffering for some internet radio stations

Fixed: Sound Engine - played track is retained in memory after a manual switch to another track

Fixed: Album Arts - an exception in the cache manager leads to wrong album art is displayed for playable track

Fixed: Skin Engine - active playlist tab is out of visible area after program startup in some cases

Fixed: Skin Engine - playlist - text width calculates incorrectly for non-monospaced fonts

Fixed: Plugins - Compact Disk Audio - an error occurs during scan the disk without audio tracks

Fixed: Plugins - Compact Disk Audio - bug in parser for response of CDDB server

Small bugs and defects were fixed

AIMP v3.60 Build 1451 RC 2 (02.12.2014)

Sound Engine: Replay Gain's "on-fly" calculation algorithm has been improved

Fixed: Common - some command line keys does not work

Fixed: Sound Engine - jumps to next track before the end in some case

Fixed: Sound Engine - playback progress calculates incorrectly

Fixed: Playlist - the "Insert after current" command set selected track into incorrect position, if it placed before the playable

Fixed: Tag Editor - reads rating from ID3v2 incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: Skin Engine - the TASEScrollbar element handles mouse wheel incorrectly

Fixed: Skin Engine - wrong visualization of ability to dock main screen to the edge of screen after closing the playlist window

Fixed: Controls - click via RMB at slider does not set focus to it

Fixed: - some service errors was not handled correctly

Small bugs and defects were fixed


AIMP v3.60 Build 1447 RC 1 (19.11.2014)

Tag editor: autonumeration - an ability to adjust format to XXX or XXX/XXX

Skin Engine: memory consumption during skin loading has been reduced

Skin Engine: memory consumption for skin has been reduced twice

Fixed: Sound Engine - stuttering while playing files with bitrates more than 5 Mbps

Fixed: Sound Engine - application hangs in some cases during process of adding or removing USB-sound card

Fixed: Player - album arts not loaded in some cases if caching is switched off

Fixed: Player - some files in AAC format cannot be played completely

Fixed: playlist - newly created playlist is removed past the recycle bin when closing the tab

Fixed: Tag Editor - default encoding detects incorrectly when loading CUE from an external file

Fixed: Skin Engine - an error occurs on program startup under Windows XP

Fixed: Skin Engine - desktop work area was not updated after minimize fixed window


AIMP v3.60 Build 1441 RC 1 (12.11.2014)

Advanced Tag Editor: An ability to transliterate / change case for group of files

Advanced Tag Editor: Main screen UI has been updated

Options Dialog: Search box for installed skins

Options Dialog: Sorting a list of menu items immediately after change the language

Fixed: Sound Engine - ASIO - changing the bit-depth during playback leads to noise

Fixed: Sound Engine - incorrect channels remapping for mono files

Fixed: Sound Engine - navigation issues by files which size is more that 4 GBytes

Fixed: Common - files that full path equals to 260 symbols cannot be played

Fixed: Common - an error occurs when trying to add an empty file to the playlist

Fixed: Player - album arts not loaded in some cases

Fixed: Player - if track is added in the playback queue twice - both positions will be deleted on start playback

Fixed: Player - state of running line hangs if reconnect to internet radio station process has been aborted by user

Fixed: Player - information about the previous track is displayed for few seconds in the running line after new file was started

Fixed: Player - channels count and bit-depth are incorrectly detected for files in TAK format

Fixed: Skin Engine - few glitches after minimizing / restoring the windows

Fixed: Skin Engine - visual data cannot be retrieved in some cases that leads to flickering of visual elements

Fixed: Skin Engine - playlist does not recalculates after collapsing / expanding all groups

Fixed: Controls - multi line editor does not fire the change event

Fixed: Controls - few bugs with control redrawing after changing focused state

Fixed: Controls - seconds click on the drop down button does not close the dropped down list

Fixed: Controls - fading animation does not work with focused elements

Small bugs and defects were fixed


AIMP v3.60 Build 1433 Beta 3 (21.10.2014)

Controls: support of navigation via keyboard

Common: Added a button that display a list of supported macros for the edit field

Player: Error dialog will not shown now if the application resumes playback during startup

Playlist: reading speed has been increased for the AIMPPL format

Skin Engine: an ability to blur behind is now available for Windows 7 only

Skin Engine: an ability to force switch off blur behind for skin has been removed

Fixed: Audio Converter - album arts are not transfered to the target files correctly

Fixed: Sound Engine - cyclic playback of file that duration is less than 1 second stops after several iterations

Fixed: Installer - an ability to install the application with empty destination path

Fixed: Information about the file - file size is not updated in the running line after save changes

Fixed: Plugins Manager - the Load / Unload commands are works incorrectly for multiple selection

Fixed: Plugins - several bugs in new API have been fixed

Fixed: Player - the "stop playback if current file was deleted" option works incorrectly

Fixed: Player - duration of file in the TAK format calculates incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: playlist - name of the radiostation are changed in playlist, if close the application without stop it before closing

Fixed: Playlist - several issues with calculation of playback indexes

Fixed: playlist - an rating marks for radiostation are displayed in playlist when trying to reconnect to it

Fixed: tag editor - an error occurs when trying to change size of album art in the BMP format

Fixed: Skin Engine - values of the MagnetRectOffsets property are ignored when maximizing window than has been minimized via hotkey

Fixed: Skin Engine - the Next / Previous visualization buttons does not work after switch off the visualization

Fixed: Skin Engine - the playlists tabs panel loose active tab from visible area after change the skin

Fixed: Skin engine - level channels of the prvVisual provider are swapped

Fixed: Skin Engine - maximized window always restores on the main screen after minimization

Fixed: Skin Engine - height of item of bookmarks list in the drop down window differs from menu item height

Minor bugs were fixed


AIMP v3.60 Build 1425 Beta 2 (19.09.2014) added an ability to change scrobbling threshold

Fixed: Sound engine - application UI freezes at 1 second while pausing / stopping the playback

Fixed: Sound Engine - wrong bitrate is displayed for the playable file

Fixed: Sound Engine - player hangs in some cases when change the default output device

Fixed: Information about the file - tab with additional information about the playable radio station was missed

Fixed: Information about the file - file size is not updated after save changes

Fixed: Information about the file - a rounding error of milliseconds during format time value by the "mm:ss" template

Fixed: Bookmark manager - files adding does not work correctly

Fixed: Bookmark manager - path to latest opened folder does not stored

Fixed: Playlist - an error occurs if trying to send URL-item to other playlist

Fixed: Skin Engine - position of the "Quick File Info" dialog calculates incorrectly if the taskbar is placed on secondary screen

Fixed: Skin Engine - an error occurs when trying to undock mini-player via mouse

Fixed: Skin Engine - reduce flickering of album art display during switch the tracks

Fixed: Skin Engine - the "-" symbol is displayed in the TextDisplay element after seek the playable file to beginning

Fixed: Skin Engine - some minor bugs were fixed

Fixed: - incorrect logic of scrobbler with the AlbumArtist tag field

Fixed: - value of the "Album" field is ignored when fetching the album art for the playable track

Fixed: - plugin stops playback because of crash if playable file is virtual

Fixed: - albums does not scrobbled

Fixed: few bugs with localization of some elements

Minor bugs were fixed


AIMP v3.60 Build 1421 Beta 1 (29.08.2014)

Templates: macros for date modified / time modified of file were added

Quick Tag Editor: An ability to display information about the bit depth for some formats

Album Arts: search and loading algorithm have been improved

Replay Gain calculator: performance has been increased at 60 %

Fixed: Sound Engine - does not react on changing of default output device if the WASAPI interface is used for output

Fixed: Skin Engine - incorrect evaluation at some expressions

Fixed: Player - an error occurs when trying to open files from external sources

Fixed: Player - sometimes the "Audio Device Settings" button disappears after clicking on it

Fixed: Player - an extended information about the error during connection to internet radio station does not displayed in the error box

Fixed: Player does not catch the CUE files from .iso.wv images

Fixed: Player does not catch CUE file that contains the "File" word in the comment section

Fixed: Player - the "add to the playback queue" command was missed from context menu of Windows Explorer

Fixed: Player - reselection of visualization does not activate it

Fixed: Playlist - the "rescan tags" function was not take changes from CUE files into account

Fixed: Playlist - content of playlist file loads incorrectly

Fixed: Audio Converter - WMA Encoder was missed

Fixed: Controls - the typed value is not checked for validity

Fixed: Controls - moving mouse cursor to the disabled menu item or separator in parent level does not hide child sub menu

Fixed: Album Arts - an error message occurs during album art loading from sub folder

Fixed: Album Arts - the black square is displayed instead of album art in JPG format in some cases

Fixed: Album Arts - no way to open album arts catalogs for virtual files

Fixed: Tag Editor - the "Lyrics" tab was missed

Fixed: plugin does not scrobble albums

Fixed: - an error occurs in the plugin after remove access for application in profile at the web site.

Fixed: plugin stops playback because of crash

Fixed: SACD - an error occurs during loading files in the DSF format

Fixed: few bugs with localization of some elements

Fixed: minor bugs and defects


AIMP v3.60 Build 1416 Beta 1 (08.08.2014)

Common: New API for plugins

Common: DEP and ASLR support have been added

Common: The "Modules" folder has been removed, the following folders have been introduced instead: .\System, .\System\Data, .\System\Encoders

Sound Effects: Normalization settings have been extended

Sound Effects: Normalization settings have been moved to separate tab

Sound Effects: Replay Gain - added an ability to set default value for normalization

Sound Effects: Replay Gain - added an ability to set preamp value for normalization factor

Integration to OS: The "Add to Queue" command has been added to the context menu of Windows Explorer

Mini-Player: An ability to adjust volume via mouse wheel without set focus into the mini-player

Album Arts: An ability to download album art from internet automatically (plugin for service is used to do it for now)

Album Arts: An ability to define album art for internet radio stations

Album Arts: An ability to customize search options

Playlist: The "adding files" process is now working in separate thread

Playlist: Shuffle mode - all indexes are now stored in the playlist file

Playlist: Shuffle algorithm has been improved - uniform playback of files from different groups, avoiding sequential playback of two consecutive files

Playlist: The number of file access has been reduced during loading a playlist / add files process

Audio Converter: The "Jump to target folder" button has been added

Tag Editor: An ability to switch off grouping in the file list

Tag Editor: Added an ability to drop files / images from internet browsers / URLs to the album art display

Tag Editor: AIFF file format support

Plugins: Common - added an ability to filter plugins by status

Plugins: Common - all plug-ins are now stored in a subfolders

Plugins: Common - support of Input plugins from Winamp has been removed because this type of plugins does not support multi threading

Plugins: Visualizations - limit on the screen resolution has been removed for new type plugins

Plugins: Infobar - the "show always" option has been added

Plugins: Infobar - added an ability to select target screen

Plugins: - plugin now works with service directly - you no longer required installed client

Plugins: - added an ability to love / unlove tracks

Plugins: - added an ability to send the AlbumArtist field value instead of the Artist (optional)

Plugins: - an ability to show window with information about playable file

Plugins: - offline cache for100 records has been added

Plugins: SACD - plugin for an ability to decode hi-res audio in the DSDIFF / DSF formats

Fixed: Common - an null size window with application icon is displaying at center of the screen when move mouse at the AeroPeek preview of application

Fixed: Common - issues with position of taskbar button at Windows 8 with multi-screen configuration