AIMP 4.0x

AIMP 4.0x


AIMP v4.01, build 1705 (19.03.2016)

Fixed: Bookmarks - selected bookmarks removes after sorting via drag-n-drop (regression)

Fixed: Skin Engine - some skins from AIMP3 loads incorrectly (regression)

Fixed: UI - in-place editing does not work in table elements (regression)

AIMP v4.01, build 1703 (15.03.2016)

Common: the FIJO Flat icons are now default file icons (thanks to Zigar)

Audio Converter: the "file name" column has been added

Playlist: the "Import entire folder if one file is sent" option has been introduced in the "Open files from external applications" category

Playlist: reloading file tags in the playlist now updates these files in the database of music library

Music Library: an ability to add selected files to bookmarks

Music Library: an ability to replace rating in DB from tags when updating information about the files if the "synchronize user mark with file tags" option is switched on

Music Library: an ability to drag group via album art thumbnail

Music Library: algorithm of files monitor has been improved

Fixed: Common - CUE parser ignores apostrophe at the beginning or end of the value

Fixed: Player - the "%Index" macro skipped when copying file information to clipboard

Fixed: smart-playlists - automatic synchronization does not work (regression)

Fixed: tag editor - focused item is always processed even if it not selected

Fixed: Music Library - click at the "Mark" column via MMB or RMB changes the value

Fixed: Music Library - labels in context menu are not sorted by name

Fixed: Music Library - no way to scroll list of labels via scroll bar if one of labels is selected

Fixed: Music Library - adding / updating process interrupts if an error occurred when processing one of files

Fixed: Music Library - filtering works incorrectly if one of filters contains a NOT OR / NOT AND operations

Fixed: UI - tables with groups - an error occurs when deleting the content of group and group is focused

Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.00, build 1697 (22.02.2016)

Common: 3rd party libraries have been updated

Playlist: the "%!" macro is now affects to next macro, not to entire formatting line

Fixed: Playlist - loses focus after quick search

Fixed: Tag Editor - some genres are duplicated after the re-opening of the window

Fixed: Tag Editor - an AV exception occurs sometimes when renaming group of files

Fixed: Music Library - navigation via short links does works incorrectly (regression)

Fixed: Music Library - table view - sorting resets to defaults after restart the app

Fixed: Plugins - API - an error in the IAIMPExtensionPlaybackQueue.OnSelect method (regression)

Fixed: Plugins - - no line breaks for details in the "Track Information" dialog

AIMP v4.00, build 1695 (14.02.2016)

Fixed: Music Library - customized layout of columns is not saved

AIMP v4.00, build 1694 (14.02.2016)

Common: digital signature has been updated

Audio Converter: list of templates for NeroAAC has been extended

Fixed: common - CUE parser cannot determine fields with multiple values in some cases

Fixed: Player - app hangs when switching tracks on radio stations that broadcast in the format FLAC

Fixed: Bookmarks - position does not saved after manual sorting in the dialog

Fixed: UI - table elements - multiple selection via selection rectangle works buggly

Fixed: Skin Engine - small bugs were fixed

Fixed: Audio Converter - cannot scroll the list with files if converting process is active

Fixed: Audio Converter - stores tags to the MusePack in the ID3v2 format instead of the APEv2 format.

Fixed: Audio Converter - click the "jump to folder" button opens the plugins directory if path is empty

Fixed: Tag Editor - ID3v2 - does not display information from some tag fields if file was exported from the Audacity app

Fixed: Tag Editor - application hangs when trying to edit file with corrupted album art

Fixed: Tag Editor - ReplayGain calculation works incorrectly in mode "get album from tags"

Fixed: Music Library - an error occurs when window redraws if grouping tree is in loading data process

Fixed: Music Library - smart-playlists - poor performance for lists with multiple filters

Fixed: Music Library - custom grouping templates works incorrectly

Fixed: Music Library - app hangs in some cases when removing multiple files from folder that monitored by music library

Fixed: Music Library - value of option that switch off recursive scanning for folder was resets after restart the app

A lot of small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.00, build 1687 (18.01.2016)

Common: Monkey's Audio codec has been updated

Skin Engine: Seek bar - Hint with position under mouse cursor now appears

Fixed: Common - the "Move to..." command does not work for playing file

Fixed: UI - table elements - selection of all items via Ctrl+A shortcut moves focus to first item

Fixed: Playlists Manager - an empty playlists were created when moving few folders via drag-n-drop to playlists list

Fixed: Player - Internet Radio - meta information changed too early than track really started

Fixed: Tag Editor - OGG / FLAC / OPUS - multi-line fields saves incorrectly if their data contains ";" symbol

Fixed: Skin Engine - default frame index of TASEAnimator element always equals to 0 even if binding is defined

Fixed: Skin Engine - few compatibility issues with old skins were fixed

Fixed: Skin Engine - localizations for custom context menus was not refreshed in real-time

Fixed: Skin Engine - hint in music library table / playlist blinks when running under Windows 7 if desktop composition is disabled

Fixed: Skin Engine - window content was not refreshed after changing the element placement from script

Fixed: Music Library - import data base from AIMP3 - files from network locations cannot be imported

Fixed: Music Library - the "find in Music Library" command does not work if the "no grouping" mode is selected

Fixed: Music Library - playback accounting works incorrectly if playback speed different from default value

Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.00, build 1683 (29.12.2015)

Skin Engine: waveform-navigator - accuracy of analysis has been improved

Fixed: Common - app hangs in some cases on closing, and continuing playback of playlist

Fixed: Player - encoding of online-stream in Ukrainian detects incorrectly

Fixed: Player - files from CUE Sheets cannot be send to Tag Editor app

Fixed: Skin Engine - Calculating the waveform for seekbar can be canceled spontaneously in some cases

Fixed: Music Library - RMB at content of the "Labels" column displays common context menu instead of menu for labels

Fixed: Music Library - the "check for new files at application start up" function does not work in some cases

Fixed: Music Library - scrolling via gestures does not work

AIMP v4.00, build 1680 (22.12.2015)

UI: An ability to switch on countdown in context menu of seek bar

UI: the Bliss Dark skin has been added

Fixed: Common - the app does not work on some computers because of crash in the libsoxr.dll / aimp_vorbis.dll

Fixed: common - CUE parser ignores delimiter symbols in unquoted field values (regression)

Fixed: Skin Engine - Playlist name after rename does not updated in visible skin elements

Fixed: Tag Editor - the Replay Gain from file with CUE sheet does not show in the "Information about file" dialog

Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.00, build 1678 (15.12.2015)

Fixed: Playlists Manager - manual sorting does not work

Fixed: Player - tracker music - noise appears on some files after seeking

Fixed: Playlists - newly added playlists via dran-n-drop always moved at the end of list

Fixed: Skin - album art from the playing file is displaying in card with information about the file from playlist

Fixed: Skin Engine - the "smooth transparency" option sometimes works incorrectly

Fixed: Skin Engine - click via right mouse button at running line displays context menu of window in addition to dialog with information about playing file

Fixed: Music Library - Grouping Tree - double click at selected node does not collapse / expand it

Fixed: Music Library - the "Local files" tab header is not drop target for files unlike playlists tabs

Fixed: Music Library - Smart-Playlist - value that equals to "Rating" of the "sort by field" option resets after restart the application

Small bugs and defects were fixed

AIMP v4.00 Build 1645 Beta 1 (08.08.2015)

Common: version number of application has been removed from names of binaries

Common: macros - one-letter / two-letter names of macros are replaced with friendly names

Common: macros - list of macros for playable file has been expanded, following macros have been added: %AlbumGain, %TrackGain and %Lyrics

Common: macros - list of functions for text manipulation has been expanded

Common: the "copy to" / "move to" functionality - an ability to save folder structure

UI: new design of application

UI: windows animation no longer inhibits UI

UI: scrollbar thumb jumps to previous position when mouse cursor leaves scrollbar zone

Player: an ability to limit number of attempts to reconnect to internet-radio station when connection is lost

Playlist: Quick Search - algorithm has been changed: the content that isn't satisfying to a search string hides now

Playlist: the "move to..." functionality has been introduced

Playlist: the "Find in Music Library" command has been added

Playlist: smart playlists - an ability to build playlist based on data from Music Library with an ability to filter and group data

Playlist: smart playlists - an ability to build playlist based on one or few directories

Playlist: smart playlists - synchronization with pre-image is now works in separate thread

Playlist: playlist files are now imports each into separate tab if the "open files from external applications" option set to "create new playlist".

Playlists Manager: an ability to view size and duration summaries of selected playlists

Playlists Manager: drag-n-drop support for the preview window has been added

Skin Engine: potential abilities have been expanded (refer to the help for Skin Editor for more information)

Tags: added support for multiple values for APEv2, ID3v2, Vorbis Comments and M4A tags formats

Audio Converter: support for aften.exe command-line encoder for AC3 format has been added (thanks to Soolo)

Music Library: integrated into the main application

Music Library: "the" article isn't cut out when adding files in a DB any more

Music Library: an ability to save user mark to tags of file automatically (optional)

Music Library: an ability to specify different columns set for table and card views

Music Library: an ability to adjust height of the alphabetic index control

Music Library: an ability to set user-defined filter for grouping preset

Music Library: an ability to drag album by its album art

Music Library: an ability to scroll song list via mouse wheel without focusing of it

Music Library: an ability to fast scroll via mouse wheel if Ctrl key is pressed

Music Library: Report generator - support of fields with multiple values has been added

Music Library: the "move to..." functionality has been added

Music Library: file name column displays a name of file without path now

Music Library: alphabetic index is now supported for all fields

Music Library: skin support has been added

Music Library: the "no grouping" mode - an ability to fill song list from current folder only (without sub-folders)

Music Library: support of network files has been improved

Plugins: Scheduler - sleep timer - an ability to fade out volume

Plugins: Scheduler - the "OK" button has been added

Plugins: SACD - ISO - now the plugin displays both stereo and 5.1 tracks