AIMP v3.00 Build 810 Beta 1 (20.12.2010)

AIMP v3.00 Build 810 Beta 1 (20.12.2010)


Zapraszamy do pobierania najnowszej wersji beta AIMP'a oraz komentarzy na naszym forum!

Lista zmian - v3.xx AIMP:

+ silnik: autorski system wyj?cia audio, BASS jest obecnie wykorzystywane wy??cznie jako dekoder
+ silnik: Wsparcie ASIO / WASAPI / Direct Sound
+ silnik: rozszerzona konfiguracja mieszania utworw
+ silnik: Emulacja 5.1 / 7.1
+ silnik: Obs?ugiwane formaty DTS / TAK
+ silnika: Wsparcie dla plikw OGG z wielu ?cie?ek
+ silnik: Lepsza praca z iso.wv *. / pliki *. iso.ape

+ Tags: Increased tags reading speed
+ Tags: Added reading / writing covers to OGG files
+ Tags: Added reading M4A / M4B / MP4 tags
+ Tags: Added reading / writing TTA / OFR / OFS tags

+ Skins: Added full support of semitransparent textures
+ Skins: Tray icon is now depends from skin
+ Skins: Added ability to create round sliders
+ Skins: Added ability to clon gauge and spectrum elements
+ Skins: Added ability to place playlist tabs vertically
+ Skins: Extended elements options

+ Player: New design
+ Player: Added ability of random switching visualizations
+ Player: Added ability to dock player with playlist to the screen edge
+ Player: Added ability to set alternative global hotkeys
+ Player: Added ability to pin player / playlist on the screen edge
+ Player: Expanded tracklist export options
+ Player: Improved options window
+ Player: Plugin manager was moved to options
+ Player: Extented running line animation options
* Player: Main window now isn't frozen on file moving to removable device

+ Playlist: Added "Single playlist mode"
+ Playlist: Added ability to lock playlist from changes
+ Playlist: Added ability to disable auto expanding files by CUE
+ Playlist: Added ability to set individual settings for every playlist
+ Playlist: Added %Up(), %Low(), %Caps(), %Replace() and %Char() macroses
+ Playlist: Categories - Added optional separating template
+ Playlist: Categories - Added ability to expand / collapse them
+ Playlist: Categories - Added information about size and duration
+ Playlist: Categories now couldn't be separated into few parts
* Playlist: "Send to..." - Now you can rename by template options
* Playlist: "Send to..." - Added ability to copy additional files with main files

+ Queue Manager: Added track duration to the table
+ Queue Manager: Added information about total duration of all tracks in the queue
+ Queue Manager: Double-click on track will focus it in the playlist

+ Radio Capture: Added ability to capture stream "as is" (only for MP3 / AAC / AAC+)
+ Radio Capture: Added ability to make CUE sheet file
+ Radio Capture: Extended file split options - by time / by size

+ CoverArt Downloader: Cache previous search results
+ CoverArt Downloader: Cover search now doesn't begin immediately after window shown

+ LastFM Scrobbler: Now works directly with the service
+ LastFM Scrobbler: Scrobbling track from internet radio

+ InfoBar: Added ability to adjust background transparency
+ InfoBar: Added ability to display track cover art

+ Internet Radiostation Catalogue: Added tab "Favourite"
+ Internet Radiostation Catalogue: Integrated to audio library

+ Scheduler: Added smooth volume increasing

+ Icon Library: Added ability to set icon for each format

+ Tag Editor: Renaming one file - now highlight only file name
+ Tag Editor: Renaming by template: added confirmation dialog if file names match
+ Tag Editor: Renaming by template - added ability to work with copy of the file
+ Tag Editor: Added columns: Bitrate / Duration / ID3v1 / ID3v2 / APE / WMA / Vorbis
+ Tag Editor: Field "Track Number / Track Count" was devided into two fields
+ Tag Editor: ReplayGain - added ability to enter values manually
+ Tag Editor: ReplayGain - added ability to autocalculate values

+ Audio Library: Implemented as independent application
+ Audio Library: Quick content filtering among columns values
+ Audio Library: Added ability to group by any columns
+ Audio Library: Added ability to sort on several columns at once
+ Audio Library: Added labels support
+ Audio Library: Added report generation - total duration, favourite artist / album / genre
+ Audio Library: Added ability to filter files by size or/and duration before adding to database
+ Audio Library: Disk number now used for groupping by albums
+ Audio Library: ID3v2.4 separators support
+ Audio Library: Added ability to hide grouping window

w najbli?szym czasie change log zostanie przet?umaczony, prosimy o cierpliwo??.