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AIMP dla Android v0.9 RC2

Jest już dostępna kolejna aktualizacja programu AIMP dla Android.

Można ją pobrać stąd


Update of v3.60 - AIMP and Skin Editor

AIMP v3.60 build 1425 Beta 2

AIMP Skin Editor v3.60 build 655 Beta 1



Few updates have been released

AIMP v3.60 Build 1421 Beta 1

AIMP for Android v0.9 Build 130 RC 2


8th birthday AIMP!

Today AIMP celebrate his 8th birthday!

Special for this event we have published release candidate of the AIMP for Android, and today we glad to start open beta testing of new version of AIMP for Windows - v3.60.

1. First public version of AIMP v3.60 Build 1416 BETA

To download this version click here.

2. First release candidate of AIMP for Android

To download this version click here.

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